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Founded and headquartered in North Texas, Cobol Cowboys provides professionals for legacy COBOL systems and other programming environments. Our name, Cobol Cowboys, was inspired by the movie “Space Cowboys” in which experienced (some retired) astronauts were called back into service to solve a current day problem in outer space.

After researching many published articles (both positive and negative) on the future life of COBOL, we came away with renewed confidence in its continued life in the coming years. Since COBOL is still the programming foundation and under-structure used today in most USA and International companies, we founded Cobol Cowboys in North Texas to provide professionals for legacy COBOL Systems and non-COBOL systems.

This renewed confidence in COBOL is supported by IBM’s strategies to keep COBOL robust and evergreen as a viable programming language today and years to come. These strategies are evidenced by IBM’s continued enhancements which allow COBOL and Java to run together on mainframes and to take advantage of the latest industry-driven database products (such as DB2 and SQL).

Furthermore, COBOL has been enhanced to develop “object oriented” code in addition to its time-proven legacy code still in use today. These and other programming enhancements offered by IBM keep COBOL a state-of-the-art programming solution.

We offer experienced COBOL (and other software) professionals in various vertical markets; including banking, government, insurance, health care, manufacturing, warehousing, transportation and others.