Our experienced professionals will work onsite and/or remotely which is best determined by the client.  Our preference, when feasible, is to work remotely with the client’s development staff to help save on travel expenses for the client.   The working arrangements are discussed and agreed upon during initial conversations with the client; along with the costs for the professional services to be provided to the client.

The standard professional services available are listed as follows,  but the services to be provided to the clients can be modified and/or expanded as determined by the client.

  • Research & Systems Design

    Research client’s issues, formulate technical solutions, determine systems and programming changes, and document recommendations for client’s approval.

  • New Program Development

    Develop new programs to address technical solutions. The new programs may be related to a complete new system or add-on programs to existing systems.

  • New Business Rules (enhancements)

    Determine and make changes to existing programs as related to requirements to support new business rules (also known as transaction processing rules). 

  • Ongoing Program Maintenance

    Develop changes to existing programs to address maintenance issues. This is usually confined to program bug fixes or computer operational requirements. 

  • Program & System Level Testing

    Conduct program level and system level testing of new programs or changes to existing programs. This testing is conducted along with client’s staff members.

  • New Release Deployment (Roll Out)

    Working with client’s staff, provide assistance to deploy new releases (new and existing programs). Document a “back out” plan in case of deployment issues.